Photo of the band on a roof

Coliseum is L to R: Kayhan Vaziri (bass), Carter Wilson (drums), Ryan Patterson (vocals/guitar).

One of independent music's most substantive bands, Coliseum was founded in 2003 by Louisville musician Ryan Patterson and is rounded out by bassist Kayhan Vaziri and longtime drummer Carter Wilson. This power trio has grown to become one of the quintessential contemporary punk bands, successfully melding progressive musicianship, hardcore fervor, and vital social awareness into one constantly evolving artistic vision. Coliseum’s highly acclaimed fourth full length, Sister Faith, was released on Temporary Residence in 2013. Sister Faith expanded on the anthemic direction of previous releases with their most dynamic and immediately captivating songs of the band's career, bristling with galvanizing melodies at the collision point between post-punk and post-hardcore. Over the last decade Coliseum have released music on a host of labels including; Temporary Residence, Relapse, Level Plane, Auxiliary (Ryan’s own label), and Deathwish Inc., their current label home. To celebrate Coliseum’s 10th anniversary, Deathwish is relasing the “Coliseum” Deluxe Reissue in 2014: A twenty song collection featuring their classic self titled debut album (out of print since 2006) paired with eight essential bonus tracks from their primordial years.

Black Magic Punks

Coliseum’s fourth album Sister Faith was released April 2013 on Temporary Residence Ltd (Holy Roar Records UK/Europe, Daymare Recordings Japan). Listen to the first single “Black Magic Punks”.


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